Email Server Email Server is your secure and reliable gateway to seamless communication. With support for both POP3 (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) protocols, ensures that you have flexibility and convenience in accessing your emails.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of POP3 for downloading messages to your device or the feature-rich experience of IMAP for synchronized access across multiple devices, our email server has you covered. Enjoy fast and efficient email management with, where your communication needs meet cutting-edge technology.

Email Plans

Plan Email Accounts Storage per Account Support Anti-Spam Additional Features Price
Basic Plan "Email Lite" 1 5 GB POP3/IMAP N/A N/A $3 per month
Business Plan 5 10 GB each POP3/IMAP, Exchange Included N/A $15 per month
Corporate Plan 30 25 GB each POP3/IMAP, Exchange Included Group mailing, virus protection $30 per month